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  "My art expresses my inner wilderness by way of an outer one"


It is my hope and dream as an artist to bring the intricate beauty of the natural world into a collectors environment to inspire and speak deeply to their heart. 

With art being such a universal language, it can allow for your own spark of imagination, interpretation and exploration that can transcend time. It can help the viewer connect to your own inner light, touch your soul and beckon you into a different realm. 

 My art is a snapshot between elements of realism and dreamy fantasy which I call magical realism. 

My paintings aim is to connect heaven on earth through passion and joy. I strive to communicate beauty and serenity giving a feeling of happiness and grace to the viewer through my brushstrokes. 

I am so happy you are here, and I hope you enjoy peering into my dreamy magical world of art.!

                         -- Diane  

"There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds" ~ G.K. Chesterton





            There once was a young girl whose early intrigue with the beauty of nature; her love and compassion of all living things, and her artistic nature began to mold those experiences to what it is today. 

            Diane was born and raised in Bergen County, NJ and currently resides in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York . Throughout her life, she always had a deep connection for healing and nurturing others that she shared the earth with. In her youth everyone brought injured and orphaned animals to care for leading her to become a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and a Registered Nurse which she still currently is practicing. 

               Her early interest in art started when she sketched animals and portraits mostly in graphite and charcoal at a young age amazing her family and art teacher in high school that would ultimately start her artistic endeavors. Diane then created art pieces using a wood burning tool, and dabbled in acrylic creating beautiful animals on rocks which she sold. Today she has honed her skills and techniques in other art mediums including oil painting and mixed media techniques and has became a professional artist. Diane was given the opportunity to combine her  passions for which she is ecstatic to share with the world. 

                Diane specializes in dreamy imaginative scenes and showcasing the beauty and wonder of majestic creatures with a connection to the human experience evoking feelings of peace, love and joy...and sometimes a sprinkling of whimsy to make you smile. ~

 " Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye also includes the inner pictures of the soul". .



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