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 "There is magic in dreams"


 A r t  of  D r e a m s  

   Meet Diane.

 and a sprinkle of whimsy

" Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures". Henry Ward Beecher

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   I embrace the everyday magic of the world through my art

         What people are saying


" I was so blessed to have seen samples of Diane's work last year in her office. They truly stood out so I commissioned a canvas painting that expressed my love of wildlife and nature. She captured my emotions through the beautiful and vibrant colors of nature. The landscape was unique and stunning! Words cannot do justice to her authentic work and talent. The colors and vitality of her paintings need to be seen to be appreciated. I bought a few of her prints and I absolutely love them! " --FANNY G.

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